Monthly Archives: April 2017

National Telecommunicator Week

Last week (April 9-15) was National Telecommunicator Week. If you’re in the industry, you have my commendation and appreciation. As the true behind-the-scenes crew, we are that “invisible gold line” that connects public service through all kinds of communication. I say all kinds because with fast-evolving technology, 911 operators are finding themselves sending text messages to citizens asking for suspect descriptions. In an environment when any delay is too long, waiting for a text back can really try a person!
Moving forward, I would like to send this message out to every community: Take care of those behind-the-scenes folks. The 24-hour, 365-day crew that helps keep your loved ones safe – they are that golden glue that holds things together in the middle of the night.      For all the potential citizen callers, I’ll offer this: Know your location! 🙂 Seriously though, help us help you – try to be concise and patient with the person on the other end of the line. They will do their best to get you help as quickly as possible – there is a method to our questions, so try to trust the process. Particularly with the industry norm of short staffing, please consider that we may be doing three things at once. Time is critical in an emergency, but stay with us an we’ll do our best to get everyone home safe at the end of the night.
These next few weeks may be a turning point for me in public safety – check back soon! Thanks for reading!