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Turnover in the Industry


Getting good people in the door is very difficult, and turnover in the emergency telecommunications industry is high. Why?

-High professional standards, clean record required
-Long training process, often involving several schedule changes, leading to peak stress and frustration levels
-Long hours tethered to a desk
-Daily heightened stress level for many reasons – calls, officers, poor sleep, poor diet

Stress management is a crucial part of the job, and long-term stress management is key to not losing your compassion (or your soul). Stay tuned for great resources and dispatch-specific tips for trainee and long-term stress management.

That being said, someone’s always hiring!

DPS is currently hiring:

Travis County Sheriff’s Office is currently hiring:


Intro to Pre911Dispatch

Hello readers, classmates, and Professor Khan!

I’ve decided to focus my blog on a specific topic that is important to me and relevant to my career. The goal of this blog is to provide an enticing peek into the world of emergency communications, while specifically targeting those who seek to prepare themselves for a career path in this industry – hence the blog title.

For curious readers and those with greater intentions, I recommend this memoir by Caroline Burau. I read it in the months leading up to my hire-date, and I have reflected on it several times over the past 4 1/2 years in dispatch.


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